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Lica Cecato is a multimedia artist who travels with equal ease in the areas of visual arts, music, poetry and body movement. Possessing a peculiar trait, Lica attributes to her drawing the same ephemeral character of music which, in her words, "... exists only at that moment, directed to that public. One and the same, a link between energy and what is born on paper". A visual diary interpreted in the light of the most evident stimuli of everyday life, so is its music, so too is the work the artist who, therefore, leaves to the other the reading of what is veiled.

Martha Pagy, gallerist and curator

Reaching the genius of maturity through sword and fire: cavorting, making giant strides, falling, sweating, loving, being passionate, crying and digging deep.


Like an eagle spotting its prey, Lica eventually jumped off a cliff and in total control of herself, landed safely.


With endurance and stamina, she mastered those techniques that turn ideas and matter into a blend of storytelling, poetry, harmony and research.


Hers is the freedom of imagination which wisely and skillfully makes states of mind shift into an apparently  small talk that becomes the epitome of human relationships.


The strength of her rare and exquisitely composite colours - all from metals - gives a new tridimensionality to Lica’s artworks, while their thin paper supports first take shape, then life and finally become the background of a drama or a catastrophy.


Minute strokes testify the uniqueness and mistery of the conversations within herself, the rest of the world and the Zeitgeist.


Movements are hardly perceived, alphabets are hidden,  textures, shades and bursts of colours provide strength and recall the power of a light beam through the clouds.  


Her relentlessly and poignant labouring about her identity versus the Universe as well as her pictorial voice, in tune with her vocal chords, become a globophonic language.


Lica has the freedom to express her consent and refusal by turning the whole spectrum of human feelings into motion, like a cell that gets unexpectedly out of control and turns into a killer.


Lica no longer needs any excuse.


Lica’s works are like music scores of the languages she speaks. Lica’s thoughts take a flight from rationality into the Kingdom of the Unknown.

Lica is brilliantly only one stroke away from no longer fearing Death.


Live Poem at CCBB SP, 2008

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